EU recklessly importing "violent misogynistic rape culture"

Pat Condell:  Middle East refugees and migrants invading Europe are largely (69%) men.  “… the European Union is breaking the law … effectively inviting the entire Muslim world to Europe.  This is guaranteed to make Europe more dangerous for everyone,... Read More

Liberals surge to 43% in Battleground Ontario says Nanos

Here’s the Nanos latest poll:Nanos Nightly Election Tracking Highlights (3-day tracking ending October 2) – Federal Liberals trend up for last two nights of Nanos trackingNational Ballot – In the latest Nanos tracking completed Friday evening the Liberals had 34.6%... Read More

Vote, Vote, Vote – Vote ABC

Are you Registered to Vote? By this time you should have received your Voter Information Card telling you where your polling station is located, if you have not received one then either you are not on the list or you... Read More

The Signal for Oct 3: Non-Tory seats 202, Tory seats 134 Result? New government

If you have not bookmarked The Signal for your daily fix of the poll of polls, then do so immediately, and tell your friends to do so as well. As of today, October 3, a change of government on October... Read More

KCCCC Day 62: about that debate, and rabbit tracks

  Based on the number of comments, and based on the amount of coverage, I don’t think a lot of people paid attention to that final debate last night.  My hunch? Joe and Jane Frontporch are sick of this election.  They want... Read More

We Have Met the Enemy. . .

An important part of my youth was spent in the United States in the 60s and 70s. I grew up against the backdrop of the fight to end legal segregation and the racism that was at its root. I was... Read More

What will happen on election day? The Signal points the way: a change of government

Say welcome to a new poll of polls aggregator service named The Signal. It is one pollster that you will be checking on a daily basis in the 17 days left before our election on October 19.The Signal is a... Read More

The NDP’s insane climate martyrdom plans would turn Canada into a sub-Third-World hell-hole

And have zero impact on climate: ... Read More

Face à face: final debate open thread

Look, I’m sorry. I’ve reached Maximum Niqab Debate™ and so the Missus and Daughter Two and me are going to go cheer for the marooning of Matt Damon on Mars. (It’s his punishment for inflicting Ben Affleck on an undeserving... Read More

Want to meet John Turner?

Tito’s a great friend, and Prime Minister Turner’s support of him is a big deal.  Come to a fun fundraiser and meet a couple of the greats. ... Read More

Ceremony, and the greatest riffs of all time

This NME list is pretty good. A bit Brit-centric, but pretty good. The inclusion of ‘Ceremony’ surprised me. It was played the first time by Joy Division, just days before Ian Curtis killed himself. When New Order returned to it,... Read More

The entire election (so far) explained, in 140 characters or less

1. Tom: Wannabe Liberal. 2. Justin: Wannabe New Democrat. 3. Stephen: Wannabe celebrating Christmas at 24 Sussex. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) October 2, 2015 ... Read More

KCCCC Day 61: elucidating your fuzzification, every morning, gratis

  Understand the polls? Me neither.  Let me elucidate my fuzzification. Ekos: Their latest poll said Conservatives had “swung into the lead,” with a ten-point gap favouring Stephen Harper. Here. Forum: Their latest “poll” has Harper at 34 per cent, and the... Read More

Christy Clark’s Next Megaproject and Elon Musk

Monday, BC Premier Christy Clark will unveil her new economic action [!] plan for the next BC megaproject sector. It's getting closer: the 2015 International #LNGinBC Conference is happening at @VanConventions Oct 14-16, #LNG #BC — BC Jobs Plan... Read More

"The Eighth Blunder of the World" – Wynne’s Ontario

Philip Cross, former Chief Economic Analyst for StatsCan:Ontarians are clearly having buyer’s remorse after re-electing its Liberal government last year, with two-thirds now believing that Ontario is headed in the wrong direction. … Ontario now qualifies for equalization payments, confirming its... Read More

Massive new global cooling process dicovered

Just in time for the Paris global warming hysterics:According to a study by the Institute of Catalysis and Environment in Lyon (IRCELYON, CNRS / University Lyon 1) and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), the oceans are producing unexpectedly large quantities... Read More

Russian lies, American fecklessness

Reaction to Russian air strikes in Syria: And for an even more pessimistic outlook, here’s Ralph Peters: ... Read More

Donald Trump, Christine O’Donnell, and the adults in the Republican Party

For grass-roots Republicans, their go-to example illustrating the duplicity of the Republican establishment is the Mississippi primary between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel, where the GOP bigwigs resorted to mobilizing Democrats to protect their sitting Senator from a Tea Party... Read More

Advice to New Democrats, free of charge

Researching next week’s Hill Times column, it occurred to me that I should look at one of my old books, The War Room. I think I found a passage there that the play-it-safe Mulcair NDP should have heeded, but didn’t.  To... Read More

I need your help to help the Royal Canadian Legion

A friend of mine has been strenuously advocating for Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Funds – to help veterans with Post Tramautic Stress Injury, and to get them a specially-trained therapeutic service dog. You can read all about it, and help... Read More