What I got for Christmas

I also got the new Fender Rascal bass. ... Read More

Original assumptions in the downing of MH17 were probably right

Those who speculated that the Malaysian commercial aircraft looked similar to Putin’s plane that flew over the airspace thereabouts a few hours before the MH17 was brought down, by lunatic Ukrainians who  thought:  ”we kill Putin, we will be heroes... Read More

2015 & Santa Claus: Fluid electorate gives all parties a chance

Pollster Nick Nanos has just released a Christmas goodie for the party leaders of the three parties vying to form the next government of Canada. Based on just one question – how fluid the electorate is – either one of... Read More

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Whatever the “morality” of using fossil fuels, Ezra Levant made the case for “Ethical Oil” from Canadian oil fields versus “unethical” oil from dirty, human rights abusing third world dictatorships.Now philosopher Alex Epstein makes the “moral” case for fossil fuels,... Read More

Israel the traitorous nation continues to help jihadis who kill Christians ….

by not only healing the wounded jihadis back to health so they can go forth and continue to kill more Christians, Shiites and secular Sunnis in Syria …. but Israel is also supplying them with state of the art weaponry.... Read More

The American revolution of 2014 geared up anew to march on into 2015

Things are getting from bad to worse in the great Empire.  If America breaks up, I am wondering which states will be ruled by Obama, Axelrod, Holder and gang and which will go to the Bush and Clinton families and... Read More

Victims Of The War On Xmas?

They fell from the sky! ... Read More

Magnotta found guilty

Phew, that’s a relief!  Just this morning there was considerable front-page hand-wringing about why the jury was taking so long:… Jurors may have split into bitter, screaming factions. They may have been trapped for days by a single, stubborn holdout.... Read More

Theodore Dalrymple

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Theodore Dalrymple:Anthony (A.M.) Daniels (born 11 October 1949), who generally uses the pen name Theodore Dalrymple, is an English writer and retired prison doctor and psychiatrist. He worked in a number of Sub-Saharan... Read More

Christmas Cartoon: A lesson from Maxine on the correct greeting at Christmastime

... Read More

Canadian Tire has at least one "Merry Christmas" defender

I find it treacherous that stores make the most money at Christmastime but refuse to credit Christmas for their windfall by opting to call the Christmas season a “holiday” season. What’s with that morons?????   From CBC: Canadian Tire backs... Read More

Are Germans thirsting for blood again … this time the blood of Muslims?

First it was the Jews they hated, now its the Muslims. Look,  I will never deny that I can’t stand religious Muslims and that most of them are nothing but trouble.  However, before we jump for joy that Germany is... Read More

CRA Destroys Metadata Copy of Texts

Fortunately, the NSA likely has a backup copy of this attempt to cover up CRA efforts to target charities. @saskboy @Belgraves @TorontoStar More to the point, If sent on taxpayer-funded, CRA-issued devices, they are *by definition* govt business. — CC... Read More

Justin Trudeau’s latest radio ad gives me hope

Have you heard the latest radio ad from the Liberal Party? It has been running on the main news station in Toronto and – I assume – the rest of the country. Its tone-deafness is something to behold and gives... Read More

France deploys troops in its streets

After the many recent Muslim attacks,  the government has decided to up the security measures across the country.  According to the many French dhimmis, the latest attack had nothing to do with islam but everything to do with the man’s... Read More

The not so private lives of our politicians

Over the years, I’ve heard many politicians complain that their private lives should be left private and not become the subject of public discussion. And, of course, for decades the news media has respected those wishes, leaving out of their... Read More

BCLSB Exclusive: Preston Manning’s Mea Culpa (Secret 1st Draft!)

Preston Manning has issued a Mea Culpa for his involvement in the defection of nine Wildrose party MLAs back to the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party.  Here at BCLSB we’ve got moles inside the Canadian Conservative Movement, and they have leaked... Read More

Was North Korea’s internet outage pre-planned and the Sony hack was a false flag to bring it about?

Yup …. I very much think so.  Why else would the prez of the greatest country on Earth poke his nose in something not only small potatoes but was clearly a Hollywood/Sony issue?   I wonder what sort of a... Read More

Amanda Lang: Explained

See: http://canadalandshow.com/article/amanda-lang-took-money-manulife-sun-life-gave-them-favourable-cbc-coverageLike I asked before:Hey, doesn’t CBC’s Amanda Lang’s husband work for Peter Munk?Will Amanda Lang continue to espouse Flaherty’s tax leakage lies on CBC? ... Read More

With A Little Help From My Friends

Joe Cocker, RIP – dead at 70 due to lung cancer. ... Read More