Romney’s flirtation with 2016 was never serious

Mitt Romney never intended to run for President in 2016, just like Sarah Palin will never run for President ever again. Why do they keep saying they’re going to? Oh there are Million$ of reasons.People like Romney and Palin have... Read More

Two Questions about the new Anti-Terror Act

Today saw the unveiling of the proposed new Act to cope with terrorist activities, as discussed in this CTV article.The draft bill may be found here.Two immediate questions arise from the definitions set out below:Question 1:Would any activity by a... Read More

The 2015 ballot question explained, gratis

A light just went on in my tiny cranium. Whichever way things go, the Conservative narrative comes out a winner. Things going great? You can only credit Harper. Things really suck? Only Harper has the experience to get us back... Read More

Press Publish Tickets

It is with great excitement that I announce the opening of ticket sales for the Press Publish conference series we teased here earlier this month! After scouring the web for bloggers with inspiring stories, successful blogs, and unique voices, we’ve confirmed the speaker... Read More

63 per cent of Canadians are traitors

When I told one of the advisers to Justin Trudeau why I supported the International effort against ISIS/ISIL – and when I pointed out that I agreed with right-wing extremist warmongers like Barack Obama, Lloyd Axworthy and Bob Rae –... Read More

The moral outrage of climate doomsters

Peter Foster:Al Gore once suggested that since climate change is a “moral issue,” it is “beyond politics.” You must not question “settled” science or policy “consensus.” Moral issues are ultimately about how we treat each other. Those such as Mr. Gore who... Read More

Alberta Political Drama? Who’d a thunk?

Let’s summarize what has happened in the past few months in Alberta politics, shall we?  Let me see if I have this right.  It’s so confusing and difficult to keep track, which is why it’s important we reflect on recent... Read More

The Hunting Ground ….

is a film about the rape culture in the USA’s college campuses where rapists routinely get away with …. wait for it …..  a fine or a few hours of community service. Yes, unbelievable!  This is the dying Empire showing... Read More

Tuesday; PDQ Bach

John Klein:Here’s what Toronto was like 30 years ago for my Grandma. Originally posted on Grandparents' Journal: Jan. 29, 1985 Only 28 degrees today, little sun & snow flurries all day making about 1″ by night. Called Faith & Peg... Read More

More delays in the Iraq War Inquiry report ….

which when it eventually comes out will crucify Tony Blair and several big shots in the Labour Party and moreover this report might help to get the wheels rolling to throw the US architects of that unlawful, unwarranted and totally... Read More

Google Analytics for Business sites

The Stats on are a special favorite of many site owners — it’s our second-most visited screen. At a glance, you can see when you get the most traffic, which posts are making the biggest impact, who your most frequent... Read More

Levant Lawsuit Lurches Towards Conclusion

Buckets has emerged from cryo-sleep to give us this post.  After no less than two computer forensics companies declared that Richard Warman’s computer had not even been turned on the day of the infamous “Cools Post”, the judge has decided... Read More

Abby Martin and George Galloway have their say ….

on issues that the brainwashed sheeple refuse to see, leave alone even venture to articulate, lest they offend the warlords in Israel and the puppet masters in the Anglo countries. ... Read More

Revolution USA 2015

Can’t wait to see American Blacks coming into their own.  Come on, come on Black America … the time is now and the time is ripe! Posted on January 27, 2015 by Jodie Tonita at Stproject:#BlackLivesMatter: Lessons from a Leader-ful... Read More

Mark Steyn in Toronto

 It was great to see Mark Steyn. He was in conversation with Heather Reisman at INdigo bookstore in Toronto. Steyn was funny and witty and totally on point on subjects ranging from Islam to the twilight of Western civilization. His... Read More

My tri-partisan nature is revealed on Sun News

Going on @SunNewsNetwork with @LisaKirbie to say how amazing it is all #cdnpoli campaigns run by brilliant women – Telford, McGrath, Byrne. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 28, 2015 ... Read More

CPC Bounce Begone

Grenier notes that Nanos’ latest has some actual voting intention numbers rather than their typical index thing:Nanos’s weekly index report has voting intentions numbers in it: 35% LPC, 31% CPC, 24% NDP, 6% GPC, 3% BQ (pg 22)— Éric... Read More

Go hard left, then go hard right

Either way, it’s veering all over the road. The anti-terror legislation isn’t tabled, yet, so no one outside a small circle within the government actually knows what is in it. Even though I – along with Lloyd Axworthy, Bob Rae,... Read More

You Deserve Better Wages and Benefits

Right wingers want to pay no tax. It’s hard to bleat about that in public without sounding like the greedy, selfish people they are. Instead, they say that public sector workers are paid too much, and that we should privatize... Read More

The enlightened world of gaming

I have never played a video game. Never. I just never got the hang of it, or was too busy, or whatever. It looked stupid, frankly. I bought my sons video games, however. I could tell the games were violent,... Read More